Can you use paid traffic like Facebook and Google AdWords on your Affiliate Marketing site? Yes! But be careful.

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  1. If you are hoping for the top service to get visitors to your websites, i advise to try seowebsitetraffic. I am using it with an amazing result. Just type seowebsitetraffic in yahoo.

  2. I made 2 sites and used the same woozone plugin purchase codes and under the plugin setup page for woozone im getting an error saying that i need a new way to get commisions……was i only allowed to use that purchase code once?

  3. A little suggestion for people working on their sites. Create a lot of review articles for your products. On the blog page, write reviews with titles like Milogranite Organic Fertilizer review 2017. Especially write reviews for products that are some of your most popular.

  4. Cheers Alex, watched loads of your videos, really helpful. A couple of weeks in for me, no sales but a hundred or so (mostly paid) likes on the facebook page ( Going to give it 6 months and see where we are then. Ever dabbled in kdp/createspace? I've found createspace profitable, kdp not so much. Anyway, thanks for the content!

  5. I've spent like 200$ on google adwords ads,got nothing in return(except that I got that 200$ for free).My targeting was great I am sure of it, because I had a ton of visitors and a really high bounce rate and engagement.After 2 weeks after my adwords campaign finished I got 9 sales in a row from the people that clicked on my link weeks ago.


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