How do you create a mail list? What is Email Marketing Software? Can’t I just use Gmail? These are all common questions for those new to the online marketing space and looking to grow their email list. Ideally, everyone should be growing an email list whether you are an online or offline business, this is the livelihood of staying in contact with your customers.

Email marketing software can be confusing, there are dozens of choices and new marketers can easily become overwhelmed with email marketing. Here are some tips from Steve on how to get started on the right foot.

Make sure to check out and utilize the training resources they provide, take it slow and get it right from the beginning for your ultimate succes with email marketing.

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Steve Dotto is a longtime host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada’s longest-running nationally syndicated technology TV show. After 15 years on television, Steve now delivers his advice and how-to videos on YouTube.
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  3. hi Steve i remember when you had your cable access show at 5:00 pm with my dad now that i'm going away to university i would like to know some recommendations for marketing software or apps to help and recommendations for crowd sourcing to build up funding thank you
    Brian marchand

  4. Hi Steve! Being located in Austria, I decided for a newsletter tool coming from Germany – why? It‘s certainly not because of the language in which instructions are offered. 😉 But as you may know there's a lot more of concern about privacy in Europe, especiallly since the Safe Harbour Judgement from the Court of Justice of the EU last year: Many businesses here think now they should be able to tell their customers their personal data are not stored in the US…
    This tool is named CleverReach, I use it myself, compared it (just casually) with MailChimp, and found it quite sufficient. – This perhaps as a hint to your audience in Europe, which I hope is growing constantl<.

  5. Great video Steve, thanks. Here's a question for you: Is there a way to do a massive"uninstall" on cell phones? I ask you this because just recently I am seeing machines set up in grocery stores that allow you to sell your old cell phones for cash. Due to my inexperience with all the technology, and security reasons, I have a large assortment of phones,and am looking into getting some money for them. thanks.

  6. If Pedro Albertos means a mailing list for a group of people who are changing ideas and questions about a common issue, then I recommand It is free and easy to use (even though there is no helpdesk). I manage such a group of 1.500 people (the group discusses about legal matters in Belgium) and it works very good. I started with 6 people just to see how it worked and after 10 years there are 1.500 members of the group. The manager can also refuse members if they don't fit in the group. But it is not a commercial mailing list; therefor you will have to use other software.
    Thanks Steve for your videos; they are very helpful. I look every day if you posted a new one… it improves my way of life (on the computer).

  7. Hello Steve, how are you buddy. It just occurred to me today… Something doesn't make sense with Google. When you search YouTube, the top two videos are Ads! Don't know why it didn't hit me earlier! Did Google email you back? Any luck with them?

  8. Thank you, once again, Steve, especially as one who is starting a regulatory compliance consulting business. Query: Can one create campaign(s) in MailChimp similar to Infusionsoft? (BTW, the Infusionsoft tagging reminds me of Evernote). Thank you! Keep Practicing Your Horn (corno).

  9. The audio is so helpful, but the intro video is repeated through the meat of this topic, so we don't have visuals from your recommendations. Looking forward to rewatching when this is fixed! Thanks for all you share!!


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