The Shopify affiliate program is the top affiliate program that I use.

You can make up to $600 per referral. I’ve made close to $1,000 in a single month using Shopify affiliate marketing.

►Get a Shopify affiliate account here:

If you are experienced in using Shopify or you are familiar with eCommerce at all, I would recommend investigating the Shopify affiliate program as a potential recurring income source.

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  1. So for the Shopify affiliate program, the person who clicked on your link and signs up will need to stay for at least 2 months and then Shopify will pay you. But if the person only uses Shopify for 1 month and then stops using it, then you don't get paid. Is that correct??

  2. Not so easy to get referred

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your interest in the Shopify Affiliate program. Unfortunately, your application was declined because your content is not the right fit, or we don’t feel that we share a common audience

  3. So Im new to shopify affiliate program, Im a shopify developer, and everytime I have shopify project, I didnt realize I could also possibly earn by signing them up using my affiliate link. I have 3 referred store right now, I hope I'll get them done soon so they can upgrade and I'll earn as well. Mind answering this question. My client, will probably pay the plan every month, so does shopify pays me everytime the client pays their monthly dues as well? Im kinda interested on this and Im planning to get a partner as soon as I understand the whole system. Planning to focus on creating theme and apps as well in the future, but that needs a little bit of knowledge because Im not good at sales.

  4. Great Video. Just found your videos and i really like the simplicity and honesty in your videos. With the shopify affiliate program, do you have to have a website or shopify store to qualify for the affiliate program or is it just a URL link given to you to promote?

  5. keep doing your thing bro we are following the whole way through

    need to get off of the niche apps like Depop and Etsy and develop our website further and you are providing the keys so far!

    keep making great content. ill be watching

    @backprotectors on insta, depop and etsy

  6. Do Shopify accept complete newbies into their affiliate program, who have no previous experience in this area or do you need to be already established with affiliate marketing or online business in general? Sounds like something I want to get into but not sure if I will be allowed yet. I already have a Shopify store that will be opening soon, and I have been following and gaining knowledge every single day since April 2017 from masters like Franklin Hatchett; I have also been selling on Ebay since 2005.


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