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It’s no secret that Bing has proven to be a more economical platform to advertise on, compared to Google, on numerous occasions. Most PPC managers will have accounts they look after where this is apparent. However, it was the magnitude of the difference in the results that was so surprising. During the trial, Bing proved to be 63.23% cheaper in gaining a conversion compared to Google.

The set-up of the campaigns was almost identical. The only difference was the spend on Google being much higher.

On the chart below you can see the overall CPA performance of Bing’s and Google’s activity. You’ll notice the fluctuations in the performance throughout the trial followed similar paths across the two networks with the exception of day 21-25 and day 31-35. This highlights how similar the campaigns were in terms of their set up.

Why Did Bing Perform Better?
After reviewing the standard advertising metrics, there was little to split the networks in terms of performance. The CPC, CTR, average position etc were all very similar.

However, it was the conversion rate when users were on the site where the differences became apparent. Users of Bing resulted in a conversion rate of 8.78% compared to traffic from Google which had a much smaller rate of 5.96%. As the landing pages, information in the ads and the search queries were all pretty much identical, it suggests that the characteristics between the two groups of users were different. Big claim: Bing users are more likely to convert when on your website…shocking! All joking aside, this isn’t a new insight as there have been so many examples that suggest this, although I’m personally yet to see a clear difference of this magnitude, which makes this example stand out. Also, this isn’t always true, as I, along with other PPC specialists, have seen Google users convert better in other cases. It’s largely affected by the products/services sold and the market you operate in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3be-ZM7lf4&t=3s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFeq370NxQY&t=5s https://youtu.be/LpoNK2HekIY



  1. I would appreciate your help on this subject, please
    I have started to notice that I receive a bunch of traffic that isn't tracked by a javascript traffic analyser. For that reason I suspect there are bots clicking on my ads. Do you have knowledge of any public ip list that I can insert in my bing ads ip excluder. If not I will create a simple script myself that I will share with my subscribers. I just wish to know if you think it is worth doing something like this?


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