Video tutorial about using Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. Shows how to make a new pin, and place affiliate link.



  1. I came looking for an answer why my SiteStripe link changes once I do all the things you did in this video. My tracking code disappears once people actually click on the link. My blog doesn't have this problem, so the redirect is clearly a Pinterest thing.

  2. Great Video, but I thought you could not use the pictures Amazon has because of copyright issues on your website, you would have to go to the manufacturer's site and get their picture. But do they let you use them on your Pinterest account? I just got approved by them and am still confused. I read it somewhere in their contract. I keep hearing and reading conflicting stories.

  3. question. on every product page I pull up, on the right side of screen, it says SHARE, under or beside that there are 4 icons. a pic of an envelope, facebook, twitter, & pinterest. if I share with lil pinterest icon, is my affiliate link embedded in that? "it goes to my pinterest board but I can't tell if my affiliate link is in that ???

  4. Love how easy and straight forward you make this! My only question is, how do you get the pin it button,? and I'm an affiliate with amazon, but I don't know how you got the site-stripe bar. Those are two things that I would love for you to do a tutorial on, or just explain in a comment!


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