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  1. I want to book an hour consultation with you. I opened up a store but I do not have it running yet as I got confused as to what I really wanted it to be. I need direction…

  2. Interesting, I currently investigating the dropship sector, I have a thorn in my side over the long delivery times, I feel it is a method to possibly test a product, and then decide to brand it. which would mean looking at fulfillment obligations, I admit, I know little about the inner working of Aliexpress, I am told there are some suppliers that ship from the USA, but the Filter at the site, now only has SHIP TO as a filter. How do you all get around the shipping hassle, and how do you handle returns?

  3. Those are awesome! Disregard "illegal" maybe you're just tongue twisted… ( : I also started drop shipping recently and I am following a free online course which helped me on my journey. http://bit.ly/2A5cWQH I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos too! It's good that there are people sharing their thoughts and tips online.


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