In this full length tutorial video I take you through creating a Blog with WordPress that can be used for Affiliate Marketing. I cover every aspect of the site creation including setting up hosting, installing WordPress, adding content and inserting affiliate links.

Check out the demo site here:

Get hosting here: – use code EAGLE30 for a discount.

Previous success stories:

Video chapters:
Setting up hosting: 00:04:04
Logging into you hosting and installing WordPress: 00:12:44
Configuring an existing domain for our hostgator hosting: 00:15:20
Logging into WordPress: 00:17:48
Changing your WordPress password : 00:19:00
Changing the Theme to Twenty Fourteen : 00:21:24
Adding content to your blog: 00:22:30
Adding Affiliate links to your content: 00:33:33
Adding pages to your site: 00:42:00
Theme Customisation Settings: 00:45:06
Changing the sidebar widgets: 00:46:29
Setting up the homepage: 00:48:00
Adding Videos and quotes: 00:51:50
Adding a sidebar to the content: 00:56:28
Adjusting your Permalinks: 00:58:37
Changing the background colour to grey: 01:00:01

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  1. Have watched a couple videos (and love them) and I've noticed you use I have already spent $96 on a premium website for because I figured I need to invest if I want to be successful at this. Is there anyway I can use Because from my understanding so far self hosting, so I don't have to go through the process of finding a web host, would that be correct?

  2. Your video has really motivated me to finish my affiliate blog. I just wanted to ask if you know of a theme that allows you to add a video to your main page instead of slides? TWENT SEVENTEEN does that but I like the look of the theme that you used better but I can't add a video, only slides. Any recommendations, please? Thanks

  3. Hello Alex, I have tried following your suggestions and video for a site of my own, but when it comes to adding script through WordPress lately I get loads of mis-spelled words although they are spell-checked before they are added to my pages through notepad. The culprits are words like 'THE' spelled TEH, WITH spelled WIF, YOUR spelled YOU'RE, DIS and DAT, along with TEMP prefixing a word once, sometimes twice or more. These are the more common ones and each time I correct them, WordPress replaces them with the faulty words.

    Most annoying!

    Is this a fault of WordPress? Is there a remedy you may have come across? I have seen quite a few sites on the net showing this characteristic lately, so I am wondering if the net is changing the English language to suit the whole world and I will have to learn to ignore this bad influence to proper English?

    Keep up the good work – it is much appreciated.

  4. Hi, I've been watching few of yours videos. I'm trying to create an amazon affiliate website with wordpress using UAT 2.0 and am struggling. I have not done a website before but I did wrote some contents for some publishing sites before. Now I want to start my own niche site where I can publish contents. Do you have experience using the UAT 2.0? Doug Cunnington had some vids but not the 2.0 so I still can't figure it out. Can you point me to the right direction? Thank you.

  5. Could someone help me I have this problem where the theme wont fit the whole screen. A big section is just blank. I tried stretching the screen with elementor and some other plugins but nothing works.


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