Learn how to start an online store in this A-Z tutorial (table of contents below in description) Starting an ecommerce store is one of the BEST ways to earn a living online! You can build a brand around products you love and have a chance to live the life of your dreams.

In this video I give you every resource and principle you’ll need to start a successful online store. In two hours you’ll learn all the KEY LESSONS I painstaking discovered on my journey growing an eCommerce store into the 7 figure++ annual revenue mark. Hopefully this inspires you and helps you along your path.

4:16 Table of Contents
11:00 My Personal Story
23:57 The Startup Curve
0:27:30 3000% productivity principle
0:33:13 eCommerce ‘Must Knows’
0:39:30 Picking a niche and finding suppliers
0:55:52 How to set up your online store

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1:09:12 How to list products that SELL (+ conversion hacks)
1:06:30 Cart abandonments
1:08:20 A/B testing essentials (split testing rules)
1:13:20 Paid Traffic Sources (ppc, media buys, sponsored posts)
1:14:27 Free Traffic Sources (social, referalls, affiliates, email)
1:15:45 Amazon FBA and wholesale brick and mortar
1:23:50 Viral Growth Hacking strategies
1:27:45 Pricing strategies
1:26:45 Distribution and shipping
1:26:45 Scaling up and automating your business
1:29:00 Hiring and training staff
1:29:00 Building a brand for lifetime value
1:29:50 Optimizing your back end funnel
1:32:00 Customer service 101
1:38:20 Sustainability and your competitive advantage
1:41:00 Q&A (get more in video below)

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  1. I havent finished watching but I can saw so far u have the best eCommerce video ever. I hv like and subscribed. I hv started my YT channel too and I am into customizing and printing in china. I WANT TO EXPAND ONLINE. u explained all that I need to kick off. Thank you very much. Anyone who wants help in china contact me on 008613718426465

  2. thank u for video. And also want to ask you – will it be profitable to implement crypto payment solution in my e-commerce online shop? I'm looking for a convenient and safe crypto service provider

  3. Thank you guys so much for this video! I subbed to your channel a month ago and I've been working on setting up my own eCommerce store so this is perfect timing. This content is killer and it's incredible that you're giving it all away for free. Keep killing it, hopefully I can meet you someday in Bali.

  4. I want to launch a business. So, for the last two weeks I have been learning for hours every day – watching videos, reading articles, testing, researching, etc. However, I must say this is the BEST VIDEO I have ever seen about the subject! This was really really great! Thank you so much! I now know almost everything I need to know. I say "almost" because something is still a very big doubt for me. I will email you right now. If, for some reason, you think I should drop the question here, please say it.

  5. hi just wondering if I make a website in shopify do they require a business license…? Can I sell without a business license? I'm canadian live in vancouver.Thanks

  6. Clay this is incredible! Great info; a lot of information out there beats around the bush and this is straight forward and to the point, no guessing, no gimmicks, incredible timely information Clay, saved me from reading a bunch of pointless books. Truly beneficial!! Thank you Clay.


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