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  1. I just discovered your channel mate, instant fan! Love your honesty and down to earth explainings. No bling bling "look at my lambo and my new yacht i bought with my $5.000.000 income this month"-bs like all the others out there. Love you approach! Gonna get me your course in a minute! See you there! Keep it up 😉

  2. I purchase Click Funnels thru your link $97 plan, thank you for adding your funnel. Do you have any video on how to program Click Funnels settings? any apps that i may need in order to sink my Shopify store, i was able to integrate my store to Click Funnels and stripe setup done, how many domains do i need in order to run funnels, do i need one domain for each funnel? or do i just use the same domain from my store for all funnels? Sorry for all the questions i'm new to all this and i don't wanna take shortcuts.

  3. So I should get click funnels before a new theme? Also, just bought your course and gonna watch a lot of it today since I already have my site and adwords account going already.

  4. I was a bit confused about this, why is it Shopify Dropshipping? You seem to be just using clickfunnels alone? Can you explain how shopify fits into this?

  5. Hi men thanks a lot for the video. Would it be possible to do an video about some websites which are good examples of dropship stores.
    My website looks nice, but i don't seem to get sales running. I've tried facebook ads.

  6. Hello Old Visions, I like your videos and info and watch many other famous online expert marketers. However, for the last 10 years, i have been looking for one answer that no one mentioned yet. The question is, how do I decide my niche to blog, make videos, talk about.. Everyone talks about the starting point of being famous, well known, and have audience with email list… What if someone starting today. How do people know what they should talk about? Thanks.

  7. Clickfunnels is $90 a month. If you want to buy a semi cheaper version its Builderall which is $50 a month with the same bonuses that clickfunnels give.. you should've put this in your video.


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