How I Make $3,000 a Day:

Today’s video is about my top Free Traffic strategies and how I get a ton of free traffic to my websites and offers using automated websites.

If you follow me on YouTube, you know that I’m not a fan of free traffic but free traffic can be effective if done correctly and this is how I believe you should get free unlimited traffic to your website.

How I Make $3,000 a Day:

This powerful strategy can be used for any affiliate offer or online business and it comes with some costs but the traffic you get from it down the line is completely free.

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  1. Thank you for the info!!! very clear and informative ! I'm trying to grow my subs and youtube channel as well. just geting started so any help with that would be highly appreciated …thanks again!

  2. I thought it is not easy. If you want to develop these websites, you have to write a lot of content first then you have to buy many backlinks to rank your website top google.

  3. You know this is actually quite coincidental because I just built a classified ads site and I was thinking of installing bbpress and create a business forum as well.

    I like the coupon idea but one can simply create a category on a classified ads site for coupons and benefit from that.

    Lovely video

  4. Great videos bro, I've been learning a lot from you and I appreciate your Insight. Quick question I was wondering if you had any insight or advice you can give me on how to get free traffic on e-commerce offers for my website? Please email me when you can I would really appreciate anything you can give me thanks.

  5. Hi Sean, will I ever be penalized by google if I have a fully automated website because of duplicate content?
    Can I successfully apply for the google adsense program with an automated website?

  6. Hey sean, great video. Im only 14 and looking to buy a gaming pc, i watch most of your vids but on those i need to make a website and my parents say it wont work. My parents will let me make a website and all of that if i make atleast 100$. So can you help and and reply to this comment. I made a clickbank account but dont know what to do. Can you give me the link of a video that might help me that wont talke long or tell me a good website where i can buy ads for my link that i want to promote. I would really appreciate it if you can help me.

  7. If you make that much money that you claim on other videos, why do you have only 15 000 subscribers? You could easily advertise your channel and grow it and not upload your videos so about only 1000 people can see.


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