Every creator wants to know how to make more money on YouTube. One way is to increase the ad revenue from Adsense on your videos. There’s a lot of factors that determine what your pay rate is on YouTube, but here’s an overview of some of the big factors, as well as what ultimately needs to happen on your channel in order to make more money from Adsense.

On Video Creators we discuss how to leverage YouTube as a social platform and use it to build an audience, spread our message, and change lives. If you’re a YouTuber or an online video creator, we’d love to have you subscribe and join us!


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  1. While this is an older video, I was glad to come across it. I had a visit from a fellow YouTube creator today who has a similar channel. We compared RPM numbers. I was very surprised that even though his channel is more than 10 times the size of mine and receives 25 times more views than I do. His RPM is only 7% of what mine is. Based on your information I wonder if the big difference is largely due to the music he has on his videos whereas I don't use any music on mine.

  2. 2012 cpc was about 4 cents, 2016 cpc went down to 2 cents, 2017 was around 1.5 cents, now it's under 1 cent. and soon will be 1/2 a cent.. WTF?? I guess they want us to stop being youtubers. fine. I'll quit!!!! hope you are happy now, now that it's not even worth it.

  3. Hello Tim, I have one important question, how can I report a video who uses my audio material in that video.
    It's very important to me because my channel is music channel and I can not find a good answer anywhere on the Internet


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