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In this video, I explain how you can make sales on shopify without spending any money on advertisements. you don’t need facebook ads or instagram influencers to make money online when you’re first getting started with online business. Basically all you have to do is go onto social networks and send messages to people who are related to your product or niche. Don’t spam them. You’re looking to have actual conversations with these people regarding your product or service and you want to bring value to them as a customer. Good luck and hopefully this will help you 2x your income.



  1. or…maybe we can lie a little bit and saying like " yeah that's expensive, I got it here for cheaper, here's the link" something like that, it not honest but, well I giving them the same product for cheaper.

  2. i dont know why i never thought of this.. thanks guy… oh and in that vid you look like you could be chris brown crossed with fiddy cent's illegitimate child if they ever had one haha.. keep the tips coming…

  3. I’ve been doing influencers for a week now and have not gotten any sales. I was wondering if it is possible to skip to doing Facebook ads since that’s where people get the most sales from?

  4. Bro the SAME thing happened to me the other day, this guy came to my door selling his book on how he overcame his agoraphobia (fear of leaving his house) and when he left I'm like shit do you know how many books hed probably be selling if you threw the book up on amazon and had a video crew follow him around telling his story as he went from house to house

  5. This type technique got me to my first $100,000 total sales, i started off messaging people, then setup automation to the targeted people. i actually plan to continue with shopify, which should make me stand out from other stores

  6. Hi I really love your channel, you give great pointers for newbies like myself. I finally started a shopify site (http://www.blackarteez.com) and still setting it up and it's not even live but shopify has taken it offline saying that the noticed some 'unusual activity' on it (like I said, it's not even live yet) and said they'll investigate and get back to me in 48-72 hours. Have you ever heard of this happening to anybody? My site features Natural hair & black pride products so I'm not sure what they could see as 'unusual' but I find it very odd. I couldn't even find any videos on YT on the topic (Shopify pausing or flagging sites) because it must be so unheard of. Do you have any ideas why they would do this? Also i have an etsy shop that carries the same kind of products so if it's good enough for Etsy, what would be the problem with shopify? Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackArtTees

  7. this is awesome! Not using this for shopify but it's great for other businesses too. Going to add this to my personal method. If this works this is going to be a game changer…as no one is using it for this industry…


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