In this video I’m going to show you WHERE people put links and the 10 BEST places to put them for MAXIMUM profit.

My name is Doug Cunnington and I’m the founder of Niche Site Project, where I talk about productivity, affiliate marketing, and project management.

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So, where are the 10 best places for affiliate links?

1) Put links in the FIRST paragraph of your review
2) Captions of Images
3) Tables – Product name
4) Tables – See an image on Amazon
5) Images
6) Text Call To Action
7) Side Bar Call To Action
8) End of Post
9) Amazon Native Ads
10) User Impression – ‘See real reviews on Amazon’

And those are my top ten! Watch my video for a full tear down of a few of my favorite niche sites.

Watch my playlist for even more niche site examples:

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  1. I'm hoping you see this so you can give me an idea if I've done the right thing undoing all my hard work. I have a music review site and under the review I have a couple of youtube embeds of the artists songs.. Just 2 or 3 for each album then a link saying "Read reviews of this album on Amazon".. I don't know why all of a sudden but today I was just overcome with fear that what I've done is totally wrong. 500+ albums worth of content I went through and removed every single link.. It doesn't feel like it's right to embed an artists song even though they have embed enabled and then stick and amazon link to the album under it.. Was I on the road to trouble?

  2. Thanks a lot for the video, Doug—I also liked the one on link building, which is something I haven't done for several months (sheepish face). When I write or have my articles written, I try my best to make them a little off-beat and quirky to keep them interesting (my products are not naturally entertaining) and will often use this as a chance to provide some links to Amazon as well. I use large, Amazon-served images with links and often provide captions underneath to try and stimulate interest, and sometimes I hit gold with the product because AZ may have 8 different images for that particular product. This enables me to have many different pictures for the reader along with clickable links which help break-up the text (which I try to make as high-quality and long as possible, so the extra images help a lot). I also use a combination of native ads and list ads in order to break up the article a bit, but not too much–just a layout that looks pleasing to the eye. Sometimes I use tables which I build myself (too time consuming but lots of control) or I use Thrive (still trying to get the hang of it!). I do also use your other recommendations Doug, about internal links, external-non-affiliate-links, embedded youtube videos and video links, etc. I really try to offer as much info as possible and toss in some interesting links that are simply related to the content of the article so that it doesn't feel like a sales pitch.

  3. Last one is a good one. I use that a lot. It adds a few minutes to editing the article but if you do some of the work for them it goes a long way. You can add filters to the review page and link to it using the SiteStripe- then use a very specific CTA. "See most recent verified reviews", reviews with photos, reviews where customers mentioned "keyword", etc… if you make each anchor unique it's easy to track in google analytics to see what's working.

  4. DOUG: Can I send you my google analytics for you to see if you think this traffic is heading in the right direction?  I have a screenshot. Your advice would be amazing, I know its cheeky as I'm not a paid member of your coaching program.


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