It’s a common refrain from new online marketers – “I don’t want to buy traffic, I want to get it for free!”

At first glance this sentiment makes sense. After all, why would you pay for traffic if you could get it for free? But the smart marketer – or at least the marketer who knows how to consistently make money – will adamantly disagree. In fact, the most profitable marketers routinely pay for traffic because overall the more they spend, the more they make.

Would you pay $1 to make $1.50? In fact, wouldn’t you do it all day long?

Before we go further into paid traffic, let’s dispel a common Internet Marketing myth:

“If you have a great product, people will find you.”

In 99 cases out of 100 that’s utter rubbish. Let’s say you’re selling a product that produces wonderful benefits to the consumer. But you’re selling it from inside your bedroom closet, and no one knows about you or your product. How many will you sell?

Building a website and thinking people will magically show up is no different than the bedroom closet scenario. No one will stumble on you or find your product unless you go out and bring them back to your house.

Yes, there are methods of getting traffic without paying for it up front. For example, affiliate marketing is often touted as being the best way to get free traffic. Of course, you pay in time to recruit the affiliates, and then you pay a high percentage in commissions to the affiliates for each sale they make. So while this kind of traffic is excellent, it most definitely is not free.

And it’s not repeatable, either. That is, you must continually find new affiliates to promote for you, or your sales system sits idle. It’s a never-ending cycle of recruiting new affiliates, getting their sales and then recruiting more affiliates. The exception? If an affiliate is buying traffic to send to your offer. Think about that – if your affiliate is buying traffic, you could do the same thing and keep all of the sales instead of splitting it with the affiliate.

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