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  1. I'm sorry, this is really terrible. I'm making dropshipping since 1 year and I write for address only the country like "China CH" instead zipcode and now I understood that this is completely wrong. I think the problem is that u have closed 30 purchases with the reason item not at place, u should never use this reason.

  2. I have been burned sooooooooooo many times in the last couple of years by you BS dropshippers it is pathetic. Glad the gravy train is over for you. Item cancelled…don't have item…item arrived damaged…item didn't arrive at all…I am very, very happy that eBay is finally kicking you out. Go get a real job. BTW, I have been selling on eBay since it's start about 20 years ago with ITEMS I HAVE IN MY POSSESSION that I worked hard to get thru Estates, Tag Sales, Cleanouts, etc.,. I check my own items, list my own items truthfully, take real pics and PACK MY OWN ITEMS. I have never had to cancel a listing in my life and disappoint a customer. You have 60 cancellations??? GO GET A REAL JOB…LAZY DROPSHIPPERS.

  3. Dropshippers do not provide value to the customer, and that’s why eBay has never liked them. It’s a lazy persons business. It’s not even a business at all. Time to start a real business, if you have the ambition, which you probably don’t.

  4. Yes, too many inexperienced ppl getting us in trouble. I suggest u just stop making those videos.Newbies arent doing u guys anymore …u want to sell that software..fine but that is whats causing the problem, ur not going to make any money off of it. its not worth it..cus we sellers its not fair for us experienced sellers whos been selling for years, and then..not trying to be selfish but thats why theyre doing it. INEXPERIENCED SELLERS!

  5. Just a piece of advice. Even you sell on ebay or amazon. It's all the same. You need to workhard to monitor and remove all of your out of stocks item before customers buy it. Goodluck in your new venture selling on amazon. It is the worst on amazon rather than ebay drop ship

  6. Open an LLC in Wyoming (or Delaware, or Nevada.) Wyoming keeps it private, where people aren't obligated to know your SSN or name on business (public) records.There are MAJOR tax incentives if you also live there (no income tax, no corporate tax, basically no sales tax because no one lives in Wyoming.) Something to think about. LLC are SO EASY to start, and if you make over $50k a year in profits, you should just get a CPA (accountant) to keep track of your LLC (or LLC's.)

  7. What's happening here is that eBay are purging fake dropshippers (retail arbitrage).
    Good. It's pollution.
    Real dropshippers with legitimate suppliers aren't having these issues.
    The solution here is obvious. Just be legitimate.
    Good work eBay, keep it up.

  8. Bro not to be insensitive to your situation because this really does suck. But it's obvious what made eBay look into it and terminate your account. 60 non full filled or cancelled orders. 2 cancelled orders will hurt your account but 60? They told you exactly why and that's why along with a few other things

  9. eBay Is very Smart! don't treat them like they are stupid! and don't know about us! They Know. but they play by rules. anyway, this method fails and not 100% can depend on. I found the only way work is to sell something you own or around you and ship it from your country. Good Luck


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