1. All the information about the requirements for the affiliates links are on the bottom of the application page in the box marked as USA, LLC Terms and Conditions. I was trying to set up an affiliates account for using on social networking sites, but the agreement specifically states links cannot be placed on SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES, like facebook, twitter etc. Pinterest and Instagram are considered social networking sites as well. It also prohibits link use on: " blogging sites, defined for purposes of this Agreement as sites that contain only blogging and no other form of informational content" and specifies they can't be used on : "non-US based or are websites that primarily serve a non-US based audience"… so for the most of the questions I saw below, it looks like we are all in same boat and can't use Walmart affiliates program, but if someone finds out otherwise, I would love to here it!

  2. very interesting sipper you didn't say how you put the advertisements on your page. For instance I thought a tent from Walmart that I really love. How do I get commissions off of everyone that I send to buy one?


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