I share the reasons why I left ClickFunnels, and using Builderall now.

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Join my Builderall Affiliate Team Here:

**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment.

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  1. Lol so many wrong information about clickfunnels here. You can do everything with only 19$. You don’t need a lot of funnels, you just need to maximize per page. I’m just using 19$ cf subscription and I’m making 150$ per week. Not bad for 3 months using it. In addition you don’t need to use actionetics, mailchimp is free, just integrate it for gods sake that is soooooo way easy to do n

  2. What values did you bring for us here by pushing us to watch your video by using false Thumbnail?
    It's a useless video, you are just trying to promote your offer here
    what did you bring here for us as we watched your shit

  3. Hi Elaine Gamosa, Is this still available? Can I join under you? I would like to start working as an affiliate marketer. Ready to do it. Just let me know if it's still available. Very interested in this.

  4. OMG I REALLY NEED YOU! Love your energy and I just got that $97 hit to my bank account via click funnels.
    I have so much PLR and I'm already heavy into social media. I need your help!

  5. And if you were living in Japan you'd be paying thousands of Yen/month. Australia is a richer country and the minimum wage is higher than in the US so your $$$ value difference comparison makes little sense, It's like comparing apple and Oranges, but nevertheless, $97 is absolute BS, no doubt about that. Forget about $297…

  6. sorry but the builderall site is either down or something I tried to access through your link and got a blank page. not even a 404 error just a blank page.

  7. Hi Erlaine, just saw your video and I'm interested to join. However, I noticed this was posted at the start of 2018. Can I still join? Also, apart from the $50/mth, what else has changed in joining now. Just curious how big at a disadvantage are the late joiners. Thanks in advance. ^^

  8. Hey Erlaine:)
    for beginners to promote Builderall just like you, when somebody signs up under me, they get your training.
    And when people see you at the training videos and search Builderall at Youtube, they can sign out from the beginner (such as me or any beginner) and sign up with Chad,you or any advanced people since they produce results and they have proof of it and they can disvover Builderall platform with me and then go with you who actually made the training. How can we sign up under you, prevent this situation and get tier 1 users under us?

  9. Hi Erlaine

    I think your brilliant how come you know so much about this stuff? Thanks for the great videos, your very kind to make them. Any chance you can help me out here? I'm new to affiliate marketing and before I jump into this Builerall, I'm wondering if you could explain something. I'm having trouble understanding these sales funnel/landing pages that are biuld in Biulderall. I assume that a page is to sell one product. What if you wanted to sell multiple products? Would you have to build many different pages? Can these pages not all be under the one website like a shop for instance where many affiliated products can be browsed by the customer? Or, do they have to be all separate pages individually advertising their own different product? I have looked on Clickbank at a few products and a couple of the advertisers state that a website would be required. I don't have any products yet so therefore I don't have a website, funnel or landing page.



  10. Hi Erlaine, loved your content and have decided to join your team. Can you please send your bonus's through to me I am really eager to get started with your training. Thanks Again, hear from you soon.


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