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  1. My biggest problem will be the content generation (Writing the review). Would it be wise if i find my competition or someone doing the same product review and reverse or rephrase the words, would that work too for content generation?

  2. Warren , first of all , this is a kick-ass channel you have here with all that info about affiliate marketing which is super helpful for newbs like me ! I really appreciate this effort you make.

    I wanted to know your opinion on where to best put buyer intent kws … Is it best to make separate articles with them or is it better to cram all these in the review page , which admitedly will result in a long ass article…

    The way I plan to go forward is write various articles about the products , that answer different questions (not big articles maybe 1000-1500 words) about the product , write a few articles that are related to the niche for relevance and then write the reviews . Does that sound rational ?

    Oh and by the way , did you actually rank in top 3 for the review terms ? If yes , that so cool man because no matter where I looked the competition for terms like ''product''+review is pretty damn high.


  3. Thanks for the cool tip on creating coupon sites to increase sales. The thing I'm confused on is how or where do you find vendors or affiliate networks, for physical products, that allow the affiliates to create or access coupons? I understand that ClickBank has this feature but I don't think Amazon has this option for affiliates. Do you have any affiliate networks you could recommend, which allows affiliates to access coupon codes for physical products? Thanks!

  4. I started a coupon website for a specific niche and I am kind of confused when it comes to indexing.

    Basically, I have many type of products and many stores (Amazon, Gearbest, along with some others) and I made two types of categories, one of product types and one for stores but that means that a post (coupon) is on two categories and hence I don't know which one should I no index to avoid duplicate content. Any idea?

  5. 4. How do you check the keyword competiveness of a keyword? I mean how many refering domains tf cf da pa etc? Thank you so much! you are very helpful person. I can see that from your replyies to other people questions. You are officially my favroute youtuber!

  6. I have some questions

    1. Do you recommend scholarship link building for amazon affiliate sites
    2. People always reccomend niching it down to specific product or category but i see general site who review each and every product ranking well and making quite alot of money. What are your thoughts
    3. Any pbn seller do you reccomend

    Thank you so much ! i am huge fan !

  7. Fantastic idea. Would it work as effective if you use the coupon to get the visitor to sign up to your email list there on the site itself or is there a benefit to linking to another site? Getting started with my first site this week!

  8. Amazing! I have been doing quite abiit of affiliate marketing with some similar strategy without coupon. But can't seem to get ranking for seo etc. So far i made 94 dollars in a month. Love the coupon idea.


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