In this video I show exactly how I promote clickbank products with free, easy, high quality traffic.

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  1. Hi Im Enrique Torres and right now i have a "ClickBank Account" and right im having a hard time try to Promote and make sells on "ClickBank" i mean i understand it and all its just im more of a Hands on Learner and was wonder if u could help me out and lmk and ahow cause i use the internet but never triedd something like this but im really interested and willing to put in the work and effort and just need someone to teach me and show me the correct way to do this and im just really need the help.
    Thank u sincerely.

  2. You're one of the only teachers that doesn't teach that gravity is everything. You actually suggest testing for yourself, which is great advice. I found a gem in the relationship niche that converts great, and it has a gravity score of like 2! It appears that nobody knows about it yet. I never would have known had I not tested it.

  3. Hi ,Dear veri good video. olease make more 1 video how to setup lead captuer in wp and how to setup autoresponder with captuer page and hop link please make detaild video thank you so much


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