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I’m at the Market Place section of Clickbank, this great site where u have a selection of about 16,000 products you can market as an affiliate. In this left hand column is the selection of Categories & for this exercise, I’’ select Cooking, Food & wine. In the filter section, put in 5 Gravity as the minimum I’ll be looking for. Don’t worry about the rest. I see the results in Cooking, Food & Wine. I’ll sort the results by Gravity. Gravity gives you an idea of how well this product is selling, judging by the success of the affiliates whose results are being monitored by Clickbank. The product with the top gravity in this section is the Paleo recipe book. Gravity of 123. the Family Friendly Fact Burner Meals has gravity of 117 & the guilt free desserts goes down to 95. This product has a good average sale, it has some Rebills but before I press Promote, I’ll go to Fiverr. I’m at my fiverr site & you can also sign up for a free account. I’ll click on Online Marketing & go across to Social Marketing. In this search box I’ll type in Twitter. In the drop down box I’ll click Twitters & I’ll scroll down until I find someone who is offering to promote my Tweet to a good number of his followers. This one looks interesting. “ I will share your link with more than 300 thousand USA followers on Twitter. USA’s a good country & 300k is a good number. I’ll click this link. Her qualifications read well & her followers are real people & she has express delivery. Her followers are mainly Adult & College students. USA, Canada, UK are good countries. She has no restrictions on the type of product she is prepared to promote. Some may not want to promote Make Money On Line products for instance. Her rating is nearly 5 stars so I’ll copy her user name & I’ll go back to Clickbank. I’ve returned to Clickbank. Here’s the Paleo Recipe Book. I’ll click Promote. My account name is there automatically & in this tracking ID box, I’ll paste the user name I took from Fiverr. Click Create & I see in this Hop link, the tracking ID user name is at the end of the Hoplink from the Paleo Recipe Book. This’ll enable me to track the results I have from those 300k Twitter followers. So I’ll copy this & I’ll go to Tiny URL to shorten it. In Google Search I type Tiny URL. Tiny URL site is top of the list. Click Tiny URL. I’ve posted in the long Hop link I copied from Clickbank & this is entirely optional but I’ve chosen to Customise a text rather than accept the random letters that Tiny URL would give me. I typed in the words “Cool Paleo Recipes” because the 2 words “Paleo Recipes” may have already been taken. I’ll click Tiny URL & see how I do. I see I’m successful. Here is the long Hoplink from Clickbank & here is my shortened link Customised – “Cool Paleo Recipes” – so I’ll copy that to clipboard & to keep it safe, I’ll paste it into Note Pad. I’ve returned to Clickbank. I’ve found the Paleo Recipe Book link, I’ll click on that to access the sales page.
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I’ll be looking forward to many sales of my Paleo Recipe Book. I trust this technique might work in the various niches that you’ll like to try.
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  1. 3 minutes into the video? Yep. That 's a MILLION dollars, right there.. Youtube don't allow me to post link the site here then I have posted it in my profile (Click Yahaira Burress above )…All made with virtually no effort.


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