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OK, I know I may be attacked because of this video but I need to make it to protect some people from this situation. There are people selling their courses on Dropshipping via Ebay and they are only interested in making money. They don’t care if you lose your ebay or paypal account as long as they get their money from you!

SO,… here’s the thing about dropshipping on ebay… it’s against their terms of service and if they catch you they’ll close your account and ban you from ebay. They might even close your paypal account!

YIKES! I know lots of people are going to say “Well, I’ve been dropshipping on ebay for years and nothing has ever happened to me.” Maybe that’s true, but it just means that ebay hasn’t caught up to you yet.

I know there are guys out there selling their “How To Make a Fortune Dropshipping on Ebay” courses but the fact is taking their advice could get you in trouble. Selling counterfeit brand name junk on ebay will get you in trouble too.

I try to warn you guys about this so you won’t have to go through the pain of losing your accounts. Never buy any name brand goods off Alibaba or from a China sourcing site! Those sellers are fraudulent sellers of counterfeit goods and if the US Customs doesn’t confiscate your goods, ebay will ban you.

Just my two cents guys. This is just my OPINION… do whatever you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life!

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  2. I've blatantly told eBay & PayPal several times that I dropship, did my account get banned?

    No. They were ok with it since I had stellar seller statistics.

    My advice is that if you want to be a guru of anything is that you should speak from experience and not opinion. You've clearly stated "One thing I'd never do is dropship" and by misinforming your great audience you are doing a disservice to them instead of showing an impartial argument based on empirical evidence.

    Yes, eBay has a "policy" on some obscure page on their site but you'd be a fool to think any company with millions of customers and thousands of employees sticks to "policy" or has any form of regulation on the agent level.

    I've had over 100+ calls with eBay and PayPal and have had no problems saying I was a dropshipper

    I may promote a dropshipping software so you could say I'm biased but I know several people who do this full time or use eBay dropshipping as a side income (1k-2k) month. I personally didn't find it that cool so I stopped when I was making 1.5k a month but that doesn't mean others won't like it.

    If anyone ever reads this comment and is a beginner to making money online PLEASE learn from experience. I don't know this guy and his content may be great but it is SO dangerous to just listen and not actually DO. The online "make money" community is a circle-jerk of people THINKING and not DOING.

    I always saw videos like this discouraging dropshipping and I decided to take action instead. I got to a monthly income of about $1,500/mo and decided eBay wasn't for me.

    Please make decisions on your own my friends.

    (I know this comment may get a lot of hate but guys…just take action)

  3. Hello King. I don't dropship my stuff. I like to have control over my inventory and shipping delays. But I order stuff for me from China. Today i'm still waiting from stuff bought in november 2016. Imagine if I had sold this stuff on Ebay to my buyers. You close your business.

  4. If you drop ship a high priced item and the customer does a return your fucked. Nobody makes any real money on ebay dropshipping, if they say they do, they are full of shit. Heres how you make money. Go to a sale, spend $20 on random shit. Sell your best item for more than $20 and sell the rest of it for $1.99 calculated shipping no matter what it is. Sitting on items is a waste of time, trying to milk each and every one of them sometimes taking months to sell. Sell fast, repeat process. Don't get attached to your purchases or you will compile a shit ton of junk and your significant other will bitch constantly until you give it away anyhow.

  5. Drop shipping is allowed on eBay.. I know at the time when you were doing it, it wasn't allowed. Now that you know this information, why is this video still up to mislead people on faults information. Shame

  6. Haven't watched one of your videos in about 2 years since I joined the Navy. I forgot how much I loved watching your blunt and straight forward delivery of such valuable information. Love it!

  7. Drop shipping is illegal on eBay? 4 accounts and you don't know eBay's drop shipping policy yet? They do allow it!! Of course you're just running your indoor wearing sunglasses mouth to make money off vids. Seriously dude? Get a clue weirdo, get a clue!! Care to do a podcast with me where I can legitimately tell people how I make a full time living off of drop shipping from amazon to eBay, where my "widgets" get there on time every time and quick??

  8. Why not help the guy coming to you saying you were right all along and how he should've listened to you from the start. If your intention is to provide helpful information to people that want it and will listen and actually follow what you say then this guy is a perfect candidate now. You spent 10% of this video educating and the other 90% was spent on trying to convince people to take the 10% of education. Now you got a guy and he's fully convinced, "I should've listened to you", "You were right all along". He's a true believer and now you don't want to to help. You said the monkey feels the flame once and then never goes back. He didn't hear about the flame from some other monkey and just took the other monkeys word for it. So you don't want to help people that want your help. Who do you want to help "I help people that want to help themselves"? Those people aren't coming to you for help cause they look to themselves for help. So it seems like you don't want to help anybody. And "I care about people that care about themselves." Why say that even? Unless what you mean is ""I care about people that care ONLY about themselves." That's obviously what you mean. You for sure weren't trying to say "I care about people that care about themselves and others" or you would have said "themselves and others" or "I care about people that care about everyone." But you didn't say everyone and you intentionally left out the word others and said just themselves because that's who you care about, people that care about just themselves. And why would you care about a person that only cares about himself unless that person was you. So you don't want to help anyone, especially people that want it and would listen. You only care about yourself. Am I close?

  9. I would say you can drop ship on Ebay but very very limited. If there is a good profit or if you run out of inventory on something I don't see anything wrong with it. But if you do mostly dropshipping as a business on Ebay then yes you will get burnt or banned. It's best not to go over 5 percent of your transactions dropshipping with them and definately not over 10 percent.

  10. Drop-shipping is o.k with ebay. This is ebay on drop-shipping. . I will admit drop-shipping is not easy if you have a bad source, he's on right about that. I'm a off again and on again drop-shipper on ebay. I lost my good seller status due to canceling items, because of a bad source. And some orders I had was in back order with my supplier. But I'm still o.k. to sell, I just have to sell like I'm new again on ebay. You live you learn. I now know who to work with, but I'm still not motivated to go full time again. Due to the slow process to climb back up. I have to sell one – two items per week, due to my limited funds I make. It just the back to newbie status I have. The ebay fees are a huge turn off for me as well.

  11. King you really need to re make that domain for profit video the tools are out dated form 2013 and don't work I sent an email and no response I sent that email Monday ??? wtf .if you know someone that's making money for it let me know but this was my experience. Form the look of it I don't know if I going to get my money back

  12. THANK YOU KH for sharing all of your knowledge! Every time I want to say F it and give up you put out a new vid that rekindles my fire and desire to do this. It has been a lot of work learning everything and I still have a ways to go. But please continue with the rants on how its up to me and you are not going to hold my hand threw this rants! it keeps me going!!!!!Cheers Matt

  13. There are a lot of people commenting that you CAN dropship on eBay – which is fair enough. I've not done it. But you need to bear in mind that there are SO MANY newbs who discover how easy it is to dropship goods from China and elsewhere and jump right into the dropship game that way.

    But, if you do it that way, then the goods will be of questionable quality, you CANNOT guarantee that it'll arrive in 30 days (especially considering customs restrictions), and it can be more harmful to your eBay business than helpful.

    Give KH a break, he's trying to help us all out, his heart's in the right place. What he didn't make clear, in that case, was that your dropship business will suffer LESS if you use a local, reputable wholesaler – don't get bought in by DH Gate and Alibaba.

    And what he said is completely true and probably the most important message of this whole video: you ARE better off buying in bulk and shipping it yourself, and the PERSONAL SERVICE is what makes your business thrive,

  14. Well you goofed with this one King Human. "Product sourcing (sometimes called drop shipping) is one way to sell
    items on eBay. Sellers using a product sourcing service never handle the
    item—instead it is sent directly from a warehouse to the buyer. The
    seller collects money from the buyer and pays the product sourcer for
    the item. This benefits both the buyer and seller. By purchasing in bulk
    from a product sourcer, the seller gets a discount and can pass those
    savings to the buyer. Selling using a product
    sourcing service is allowed on eBay as long as the seller can guarantee
    that the item will be delivered to the buyer within 30 days of the end
    of the listing. Sellers who choose to sell using this method are
    responsible for the item and their buyer's satisfaction just like any
    other eBay seller. If there is a problem, it's the seller's
    responsibility to work it out with the buyer. " From this url:

  15. Ok bottom line is if YOU can not guarantee the delivery within 30 days of the end of the listing… DON'T DO IT….. Yes Ebay can and WILL close your account…..
    Is product sourcing allowed? Selling using a product
    sourcing service is allowed on eBay as long as the seller can guarantee
    that the item will be delivered to the buyer within 30 days of the end
    of the listing. Sellers who choose to sell using this method are
    responsible for the item and their buyer's satisfaction just like any
    other eBay seller. If there is a problem, it's the seller's
    responsibility to work it out with the buyer.

  16. Waiting for the mastermind group…. We should do it in the forum….. I just don't make myself go there as often as I should, but I am trying to get into time management for more self help and self growth….


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