learn how to profit big with affiliate programs, cpa networks, and pay per download offers.



  1. Marcus is THE biggest Affiliate scammer in the business from my personal experience. I was scammed when I was a newbie in the early 2000's. I ordered a $300+ program that was supposed to include CD's and manuals… and more. I got nothing! Marcus would not reply to me asking him for my product. I tried for months to get Marcus to refund my money or send me the product course he sold….. Of course Marcus offered a money back guarantee that he never gave to me….. So…. Marcus physically stole money from me. Later I learned that Marcus makes products that he does not support after saying he will. In my opinion, Marcus is the biggest load of scum in Affiliate Marketing. ……You Thief! ……… I will post this same story on any Youtube video you make Marcus.

  2. Marcus, I love your videos, I also like your channel about alcohol and anxiety…. I think we have had a similar past.. I admire your knowledge and  honesty. Thank you for sharing your stuff… Paulo

  3. Hi Marcus, I have no knowledge how to make all this but the idea of making money online just fascinates me and I want to join a honest person cuz now a days you can't trust everyone that's online. I will check out your website. Thanks for all this great info

  4. Marcus, all this is really awesome but how can we actually buy google adwords clicks to get people to an affiliate offer? Isn't it all against the Terms of Service? Won't you get banned?

  5. Am I the only one who watch some of these videos shouting, "ENOUGH IDLE TALK, GET TO THE FREAKING POINT!!!"

    I'm learning though. When I create my how to videos. I will stand out by cutting idle talk and getting right to the point.

  6. Hi I'm a 16 year old that has been trying to use offervault but what is stopping me from moving forward is getting stuck at the signing up for a network stage as I don't own a business and no network replies to me, what should I do ?

  7. I'm a 14 boy who has always been interested in things shown in this video (plus having money) and this has helped allot to get me started with making money! also thank you for all the tips and tricks to getting started within the online business/marketing/affiliate offers; it means alot!!

  8. You can find great CPA offers at ExpertMobi, affiliate CPA/CPI network. I've been working with this network and my campaign has great results. If you want start getting profits, do not hesitate to join them. Take a look at their website: expertmobi.com

  9. Hi.Great vid.But i''ve heard and read alot info about CPA networks and there are networks who does not pay so maybe you can sugest good network for a begginer??


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