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  3. Hi there. Good video, thank you. Is the US Largest Safelist website designed mainly to promote money-making / work from home type ideas? Or could it be used to promote anything? (Eg online learn-how-to-speak-Spanish lessons).

  4. Dear respected Karmel , your tutorials are really awesome , I wanna ask a question , my question is that : Facebook Ads for the purpose of Affiliate or CPA marketing , , , Which type of Facebook Ads are the best ? Page Post Engagement VS Conversion ? and according to your opinion , why this type is better than the other one ? Please reply me in the comment or message and also create a video about that , , , a humble request to you , , , Thanks and Regards , , , Shahzad from Pakistan

  5. Hi- in one of your previous videos you showed how to select keywords for bidvertiser. Bidvertiser looks different now and it doesn't look like you can copy and paste in your keywords anymore. So how do you create you ads now and target?

  6. You are the best man keep up the good work 🙂 !! I only have one question. If you have example 130 credits, does that mean emails are sent to 130 people?


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