About The Video:

In today’s interview my guest Gaurav Madaan shares his impressive story about how he started on JVZoo, where he started from before he found JVZoo and how he became successful over JVZoo. He also reveals the strategy of how he was able to do that and shares some great advice on how to achieve success in online marketing.

In short, before his great success in the field of online marketing, he was doing his MBA in marketing, he was doing some consulting locally, when he thought about trying to sell his own products online because he realized it was a promising field. He started exploring and researching how to get inside the industry, when he got to know about JVZoo and started with affiliate marketing. And after discovering JVZoo, he claims he was able to really capture the masses online and other parts of the world which he was unfamiliar with.

In this interview we cover:

– How his first launch went and the impressive amounts he was able to generate
– How he actually came up with the idea of his very first product
– Some of the difficulties he faced before and after the launch
– The importance of affiliates
– How heavy remarketing and internal mailing can help lift up your launch during the first few days
– How teaming up with someone who has influence in the marketplace can help you achieve greater success
– How to get your product out there and ways to generate traffic
– Why support is actually an opportunity to convert your customers into loyal people
– Much more advice that could help people who are just starting off with online marketing

Resources Mentioned In The Video:

JVZoo (http://jvzoo.com) – Affiliate Marketplace used for launching software

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