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  1. hi Chad what do you think about this affiliate program? http://bit.ly/betadvert It has been recommended also by John Chow (hope you know him 🙂 ) I think is one of the most profitable as it offers 50% lifetime commissions, accepts nearly all types of traffic worldwide (with the noted exceptions of incentivized, cash back and spam) and you can work with them whether or not you have a website of your own. They also have an incredibly flexible payment policy. There are no holds and no minimums. You can usually get your money within one to five days of a confirmed conversion.

  2. Nice video… Relatively easy to follow.
    Just a couple of questions.

    When creating the initial blog, is it ok to create pages of different niches?
    Or should we create a blog for each niche?

    For the sample book post that you posted. I am not a writer and have difficulty writing on a whim.
    How did you create the initial text review for the audible book?

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Chad, Man thanks so much for the info. I subbed to your channel and look forward to more content of any kind. Had a quick question. When doing reviews, would you recommend putting multiple reviews on one page or should you do one review per page? Again thanks and many blessings to you.

  4. Chad yer the man!! i now know how to create a half decent wix website from your very easy to follow instructions, im trying to do a tech review site on one item , is this an ok approach? and i bet everyone seeing this video is obviously gonna copy! yer niche, lol thanks young man learnt a lot watching this vid 😉


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